last update: 3/24/20


To our campers, partygoers, visitors, families, and staff,

Tumbleweed has been closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19 on our Southern California community and we continue to reach out to our contacts at the city and county level. Each day we receive new information that helps guide us through ways that we can better support and help our camp community through these difficult and uncertain times. This is our time to step up and respond to our duty to our community, county, and country. Never doubt that the hard things you are doing every day are BRAVE choices. Thank you for continuing to be brave in the face of the unknown.

More so these days than before, our little canyon is quiet and our staff are continuing to collect resources for helping you, our family, weather this storm. Most of our staff are working remotely, however, since managing property is an essential task, our owners, Liz and Andy, are on site each day to ensure that camp is safe. That also means we are here if you need to reach out or just want to give us a call. We are continuing to do our part in supporting the Los Angeles community’s efforts in slowing the spread of COVID-19. At this time, the following restrictions are in place:

Our facility is closed and is being maintained at a minimum level.

Events and activities will only resume when we are given the green-light from the city, county, and state. We are following the same news and guidelines as you are and are committed to keeping our community updated with any new information we receive.

With three months left until summer, we feel cautiously optimistic about our camp season, and currently are planning to open Summer Camp 2020 on June 15. As summer gets closer, we're going to be following guidelines from the LA County Department of Public Health and the CDC, and we'll be working with our camp physician to implement whatever recommendations they might have to keep our campers, families and staff safe and healthy. Rest assured, we'll be doing LOTS of handwashing this summer. That means you can still register for summer camp today. Give us a call at (310) 472-7474 or email Andy with any questions about summer.

To date, we have no known or reported cases of COVID-19 in our Tumbleweed community. We are hoping that by limiting the access to Tumbleweed through the middle of April, we can do our part to help protect our camp family. With that in mind, we also know how stressful and frightening this might be for our campers. Below are some great resources that might help when trying to talk to your children about the virus and its impacts:

Keeping your child safe and reassured (from CNN)

How to talk to children about coronavirus (from NY Times)

A comic for kids on the Coronavirus (from NPR)

TukTuk's Daily Activities!

Feel like you need someone to talk to? Call us; we are here for you. Working with kids, whether it be during a crisis or not, is our area of expertise.

 We can’t wait until we can all play at camp together again soon.

Stay healthy, wash your hands, and as always, TUMBLEWEED FOREVER.

Sending you our camp love,

Liz and Andy Kimmelman and the entire Tumbleweed Team

Tumbleweed Day Camp    1024 Hanley Ave Los Angeles CA 90049    (310) 472-7474
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