explore tumbleweed on a private tour today

Don't let COVID-19 and social distancing keep you from exploring Tumbleweed and taking a private tour of camp. We are here for you! Today, you can sign up for a tour for your family to see and play at camp by yourselves (and one of our directors, of course). Think about it - 100 acres to explore, outside aka not in the house aka somewhere different than the past week AND you can bring your cabin-fever crazy kids? AMAZING! WE KNOW! Have questions? Call us at 310-472-7474.


To set up an appointment to see and play at camp, simply use the scheduling app and pick the date and time when you would like to see Tumbleweed. We will follow up with directions and next steps. Can't wait to see you up at camp soon.

Tumbleweed Day Camp    1024 Hanley Ave Los Angeles CA 90049    (310) 472-7474
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