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Tumbleweed Outdoor Education offers fields trips for students of every grade level. Our curriculum has been designed and developed by state-credentialed teachers to meet and supplement California Content Standards. By aligning our curriculum with the Common Core, our program offers the perfect addition to your classroom this year. Students will dive into outdoor activities that build their curiosity, social intelligence, creativity, and independence.  

Tumbleweed Expanded Learning

Outdoor Education

The Best in Outdoor Learning

With over 100 secluded acres nestled in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains, our outdoor education center is a unique place for students to experience the wonders of our natural world first hand.

Our Canyon is filled with Mule Deer, Cottontail Rabbits, ground squirrels, raccoons, California Valley quail, lizards, hawks, and many other local animals.  During a stroll around the center, you may spot any number of plant species, native to our terrain, including West Live Oak, Black Walnut and Sycamore trees.

Our Programs include Garden and Nature Studies (Grades PK-2), Native American Life and Culture (Grades 2-4) and Team Building (Grades 5+). 

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Our staff is well trained in educating children in a safe, caring, and challenging environment. Please feel free to contact our Outdoor Education director in order to work with you in creating a program that is consistent with the social and academic goals you have already established for your students.  You will be provided educational materials to use in the classroom upon request.


We strive to create a literate, responsible citizenry by bridging the gap between the natural and the built environment and by promoting respect for the outdoors and those who occupy it.
By bringing your class into the outdoors, your students will develop an understanding of ecological systems, the web of life, and the human impact of the environment. They will learn how these systems work and how our actions impact the world around us. These are the first steps toward meeting the challenges of environmental solutions.

Our Pre-Built Class Trips

Garden And Nature Studies

We invite you and your students to explore all that Tumbleweed has to offer! From harvesting in our garden, to learning about our native plants, our Garden and Nature Studies program is perfect for your young scientists.

Our Garden and Nature Studies trip includes nature hikes, gardening and crafts, and animal studies. To learn more about these classes, click here.

Native American Life and Culture

Our Native American Life & Culture unit is a great experiential learning opportunity for classes looking to dive deeper into Chumash and Tongva History.  A series of unique, fascinating, and fun activities add depth and complexity to California Content Standards already under investigation in your classroom.

Our Native American Life and Culture trip includes nature hikes, exploring native artifacts and Chumash sports and games. To learn more about these classes, click here.

physical sciences

Explore and question all that is around us! Through experimenting with physics and astronomy, our leaders with guide your students through hands-on activities that expand their knowledge from the classroom.

Our Physical Sciences trip includes aerodynamic studies through bottle rockets, gravity analysis with balloon drops, and astronomy. To learn more about these classes, click here.

Life Sciences

Students can choose from two worlds to explore: LAND or WATER. Through these two worlds, students will examine all areas of life from birth to death and every point in between.

Our Life Sciences trip includes two options, either terrestrial or aquatic. Our terrestrial classes include food chains, owl pellet examination, and eco hikes. Our aquatic classes include food chains, pond ecology, and squid dissection. To learn more about these classes, click here.

Outdoor Living Skills

Bring your students to our outdoor oasis in Los Angeles to experience true wilderness living. Students will gain critical outdoor and backpacking skills that they can use in their backyard or in the backcountry.

Our Outdoor Living Skills trip includes archery, art in nature, orienteering, and shelter/fire building. To learn more about these classes, click here.

Schedule Your Trip Today!

Field trips are available Monday through Friday during the school year.  Tumbleweed Outdoor Education is conveniently located minutes from Sunset Boulevard in the hills above Brentwood.  To schedule a field trip, check availability, or for further information, please call Tate Castro at (310) 472-7474 or via email at

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