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How to help our kids through troubling times

The past week has been incredibly challenging, difficult, and at times scary. Last week was really rough. For some, it was life-changing and those folks - who are our campers, staff, parents, neighbors - are looking for support and care. For many in our communities, last week’s events were a result of escalating racist attacks against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community over the course of not just this past year, but decades.

Yesterday was sad, scary, and maddening, too. We are grieving with friends, colleagues, and members of the Boulder community after yesterday's violent attack. These events are hard for us as adults to process and we hope that by coming together, we can provide a space that is filled with care and support in order to work through these events with our children.

At Camp, we believe in creating safe spaces of true belonging, where campers, staff, and families can show up as their authentic selves to feel safe and cared for. There is no space for hate and violence in anything that we do. Therefore, in light of last week’s violent hate crime against the AAPI community in Atlanta, we are reminded that now is the time to act against hate and bigotry. We hope that you will join us in supporting our AAPI neighbors and families to ensure that Tumbleweed remains a safe and welcoming place for all who attend.

Our mission at Tumbleweed is to build happy people by teaching critical life skills. We build up happiness by creating opportunities where people feel like they can explore, connect, and gain knowledge. Working on critical life skills can only happen if campers, staff, and families feel safe. In order to live into our values and achieve this mission, we must stand up to hate. We hope that some of the resources that we included in this post help you and your family join us in working towards a safer, more just world.

Resources to connect, learn, and act against hate

Readings and How to Talk to Kids About Scary News

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Ways to Act

All from Anit-Asian Violence Resources


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