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helping our campers become career-ready

Our counselor-in-training program is available to high school students (rising 9th and 10th graders) who aspire to work with children and learn leadership skills.  Additionally, CITs should show responsibility, enthusiasm, and a willingness to grow.  CITs volunteer for a four-week-long session, contributing their time and effort in exchange for valuable work experience and training.

CITs at Tumbleweed...
  • Actively participate with their groups in all camp activities and help supervise on the bus to and from camp.

  • Engage in meetings, discussions, journal writing, and evaluations with other CITs and staff.

  • Commit to their entire 4-week session 

If you're interested in becoming a CIT, please contact us to request an application.  Be aware that we want to talk to YOU, the prospective CIT, and not your parent or guardian.  This helps us to find out about who you are! Email us or call (310) 472-7474.

Counselor-in-Training Program

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Program dates

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Counselors-In-Training Session 1

4 weeks: June 17 - July 12. Participant application approval required for participation.

$500.00 / Session

Counselors-In-Training Session 2

4 weeks: July 15 - August 9. Participant application approval required for participation.

$500.00 / Session

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