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tumbleweed south


Tumbleweed South is the best summer camp experience for your little one! Perfect for campers entering PK-2nd grade, this program is designed to foster growth and development in a safe and nurturing environment.  Activities are child centered, helping campers learn new skills and build social competencies.  Please note: your child must be at least 4 years old when starting camp.

Growing up Tumbleweed

At Tumbleweed South, our experienced staff is focused on helping our young campers develop the skills they need to make life long friends. By the time your camper moves up to Tumbleweed North, camp will feel like home to them and they can continue to develop their social intelligence, grit, zest, and all of those other skills we think are so important


We keep our ratios small so that our counselors can focus on YOUR child's experience


We switch up our activities everday - if you come all 5 days, you can experience all of South.


We only have up to 15 campers in a group so that everyone can get to know each other.

high 5

One of the many things we love at camp, along with popsicles, sunshine, nature, and Leroy.


Our activities last a little under an hour - just enough to have fun and not too long for little minds.


Campers play at 5 different activities every day, plus lunch. One of those is always swimming!



Want to spend even MORE time with your camp friends? Join us on an overnight at Tumbleweed North. Occurring during weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8, Tumbleweed North Campers get to stay late, play more, and explore camp at night. Our overnights fill up every year - add one (or all four) on today!

XTRA camp

You've asked. And we can finally answer, "Yes! We have after-camp care!". XTRA Camp at Tumbleweed during the summer is the best place for your camper while you finish up work, errands, or for them to have some more great time with friends. XTRA Camp is from 3:30-5:30pm, with the option to pick up your camper at San Vicente and Bundy.

visit us

The best way to try out camp before you sign up is to visit us! You can join us for an Open House during the spring or stop by any time for a private tour. Give us a call before you come and we will pair you with one of the camp directors to get you all the information you need.


tumbleweed North

Tumbleweed North is designed for campers that are entering grades 3 through 8. This program focuses on making friends, gaining independence, and being able to share the responsibilities of working as a team through various traditional and unique day camp activities. 


everything you need

We know that it is popular to sign up for lots of different "camp" experiences in the summer, but we are here to tell you to stop stressing! Instead of coordinating schedules with all the friends, teachers, cousins, coaches, siblings, and everyone else, let Tumbleweed be your one-stop-shop. With tons of activities and the best counselors you can find, you really can have it all with Tumbleweed.

what's so special?

There are lots of summer things out there. Find out why Tumbleweed North is the best!


Just for 3rd graders and up! Spend more time with your friends while hanging out at camp!


Every Friday, campers create their own schedules by choosing from  activities only offered that day.


Our unplugged lifestyle makes Tumbleweed the perfect place to make new friends.


Whether it is "ditch day" to the beach, or being a CIT-in-training for the day, older campers get special perks as they move up.


Campers play at 5 different activities every day, plus lunch. One of those is always swimming!

twilight horseback riding lessons



Twilight Horseback Riding lessons are available to campers and the community in the afternoons, after the camp day, from 3:30-5:30. Twilight Lessons are $95 per lesson.

Please Note: The Twilight Riding Program is a separate program from Summer Camp. Transportation is not provided.

our lessons

We have two options for after camp horseback riding: riding and horsemanship lessons and trail ride Fridays. Both opportunities help to expand the knowledge and enthusiasm for horseback riding and care.  Both programs ensure safety through experienced wranglers, and proper equipment (saddles, bridles, helmets), and teach the program in Western-style horseback riding.

horseback riding at TW

One of Tumbleweed Day Camp’s distinct features is its Equestrian Center. During our summer and winter programs, campers become familiar with the fundamentals of good horsemanship. If your camper would like to further develop their exposure to horses, Tumbleweed offers Twilight Horseback Riding.

Tumbleweed Day Camp    1024 Hanley Ave Los Angeles CA 90049    (310) 472-7474
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