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building happiness since 1954

WELCOME to the best summer memories you will ever make! Welcome to something more than just a place to go or a thing to do. Welcome to your new home away from home. Welcome to another loving family. Welcome to your new favorite thing in the world.



Tumbleweed has been an oasis, a summer dream, a haven for childhood play for over 70 years. Here at camp, we believe that exploring, playing, and being unplugged from technology are three ingredients that help each of us be happier. From all of us at Tumbleweed, we are excited to welcome YOU into our family.


Technology is amazing and so is letting go of it. At Tumbleweed, we are 100% unplugged - no screens, no texting, no video games.  By turning our digital lives off, we are able to turn up our authentic interactions and do amazing things like share, laugh, sing, and smile.
Tumbleweed is the most amazing playground in Los Angeles. We have over 100 acres of lush, beautiful space that is all ours to play on.  Exploring, questioning, investigating, observing -these are all activities that grow great minds and our program is built to encourage this amazing growth.
play more
People are their best selves when they get to PLAY. They discover and learn how to work with others, how to disagree, and even how to make life long friends through play. At Tumbleweed, we believe that playing and supporting positive play outdoors is our staffs’ number one job.

all three

of my kids said that this is their most favorite camp!

- Jessica, parent of North and South campers
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