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The Tumbleweed Difference:
our staff

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A Note From Our Owners

From the beginning, Tumbleweed Day Camp has been a family business. Together, Andy and I have close to 40 years of experience at Tumbleweed, and we’re proud that our family can continue the legacy and traditions begun by our founders in 1954. We can’t believe that a decade has gone by since we first imagined owning our own camps. We could not even begin to envision how it would unfold. It has surpassed our wildest dreams and it’s all thanks to our campers, their families, and our staff!

You and your families have made our dreams come true. From silly games on the field to camping under the stars, hundreds of great memories were made and it wouldn’t have happened without you. Tumbleweed is so much more to us than a place or a thing to do in the summer - it is our home, and we are so excited to share it with you. We’re happy to be welcoming our third generation of campers, and whether this is your first summer with us or your sixty-first, we’re glad that you’ve made our Tumbleweed family part of your family.


Here’s to 70 more years of family, love, and summer camp.

Tumbleweed Forever,

Liz, Andy, Eloise, and Henry Kimmelman

our executive team

Camp Director

Tate Castro


Registrar & Director

Brooks McCall

our summer staff
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