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5 Ways to support your local community through camp

Remember how at the beginning of the pandemic we were all encouraged to order take out from restaurants and buy gift cards from local and small businesses to support the economy? Well, for many of us, summer camps have now been added to the list of areas that are in need of help! Many, many summer camps in the West, and especially in California, are going to be unable to operate this summer. That's a big problem - there will be no bailout for summer camps from the government, there won't be any stimulus loans just for little, seasonal programs like camp. Instead, camps need YOU! SALT Effect put together a great blog post of 5 ways you can support summer camps this year to help make sure that, even though summer 2020 might be out of the picture, we can still have summer 2021. Please take a look at their article and consider doing one of those suggestions for a camp like Tumbleweed or any summer camp program you know that is having to survive this year without running program.

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