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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Whenever possible, I am trying to use this platform to provide education and support for our camp families. Right now, that means working on becoming a more anti-racist, just-focused community. To that end, whenever possible, I hope to use this platform to uplift black voices and voices of POC - most of the resources you see will not be by me or from me, since it's not my role to lead, it is my role to support.

I have been overwhelmed by the amazing resources that folks are providing (FOR FREE) to the community. Below are my recent favorites, including the 30 day challenge from Rachel Cargle on becoming anti-racist and a series of daily thought activities, videos, and more to help us (non-black people) unlearn, build knowledge, and break cycles of racism that have been embedded in this country since its birth. We know we can better allies and be part of the solution, personally and here at camp.

And feel free to join my family in a daily discussion about race. For those of us who are not black or people of color, we may or may not have to think about race on a daily basis. That is the foundation of privilege. Because of that, it's important to insert conversations about race, diversity, and equity into your daily chats. Find a time, like at dinner, to talk about and reflect on race and justice as a family.

Be well, Tumbleweed Fam.

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