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help L.a. during covid-19

We think it's super important during these times of uncertainty to be kind to one another and help where we can. As Brene Brown once wrote: "Move in closer. It's hard to hate people close up." We don't mean "move in closer" physically, we mean emotionally. Lean in, be kind, and help your neighbor. Below are three ways you can help ensure that places like your local breakfast spot, the city park, and your local school can thrive after the COVID-19 disturbance.

Donate to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, coordinated by Mayor Garcetti's office.

As we undertake efforts to slow the spread of the virus, many are eager to do what people across this city always do in moments of crisis: step up to the plate, give back to their neighbors in need, lend a hand, and ask what they can do to help. To answer this call — and to strengthen our communities, health, and emergency response — the Mayor of Los Angeles has identified priority areas for COVID-19 Response and Relief Funds:

  • Support for Families

  • Relief for Healthcare Workers

  • Equipment for Health Response

  • Services for Our Unhoused Neighbors

  • Powering Real-Time Research

By donating today, you can help support these efforts and ensure that Los Angeles continues to be the city we love, the city we call home.

Shop Local and Eat Local

Whether it is order food for delivery or buying food at your local farmer's market, shopping local is super important right now. For businesses like farms, restaurants and local shops, maintaining cash flow is priority number one right now. Help out by buying items for today, shopping for gifts for later, or buying gift cards to use whenever. We would be remiss if we didn't mention that Tumbleweed is a small business - our livelihood depends on registrations right now. Encourage your friends and family to register for camp today, and know that you can use those funds any time in the future.

Be Kind. Be Thoughtful

For many of us, NOTHING like this has ever happened before. The stress and anxiety caused by the constant news of restrictions and social distancing is doing a number on everyone's mental health system. Be kind to one another. Think twice before cutting someone off in traffic. Stop and think before responding negatively to what your mother or sister is complaining about. This is so hard for so many.

Be on the lookout for folks that need your help (yes, you!). Do you have an elderly neighbor? A friend who's parent or grandparent is staying with them? Text them, go next door, simply deliver a handwritten note with ways you can help them during these tough times.

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