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From our Friends at red Tricycle: 11 Mom-Owned LA Businesses You Should Know About

Did you know that Tumbleweed is owned by a MOM?! Yes, guilty - it's me, TukTuk, also known as Liz Kimmelman, also know as mom to my two littles! And not only am I a small business owning mom, I'm a camp mom! It's a really unique experience that I do not take for granted - being able to connect with all the new camp parents out there as given me priceless insight into how to make Tumbleweed the best it can be. I'm grateful to Red Tricycle for putting together this awesome article of powerful, brave ladies all over Los Angeles!

There’s pretty much nothing a mom can’t do and these LA moms area a great example. They found a need in the community and set about providing a solution—be that a service that will drive your kids to school or an organic DIY lunch kit that will have your kids eating veggie on the regular. Read on to get inspired!

A consistent favorite of Red Tricycle families, Tumbleweed Day Camp is owned by Liz Kimmelman and has been in business for over 65 years. Totally unplugged, these camps explore 100 private acres of Los Angeles where kids learn how to be their best selves through play. They've got you covered for spring break camps and summer camps for kids ages 4 and up.

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