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New Interview for the Day Camp Pod Cast!

I had the pleasure of speaking with and being interviewed by Andy Pritikin from the Go Camp Pro's Day Camp Pod Cast. We chatted about all things camp, specifically how Tumbleweed provides an exceptional camp experience by focusing on unplugging, exploring, and playing. Here's the link and blurb from their site:

When you take away all of your camp’s window-dressing, what’s left? Andy and Liz Kimmelman dig into it on this Mini-Pod.
Every camp we’ve spoken to that opened during Summer 2020 quickly realized that all the bells and whistles they’ve accumulated over the years were insignificant, as their downscaled, back-to-basics programming was embraced and enjoyed by the campers and staff in ways like we’ve never seen before. For camp directors like Liz and Andy Kimmelman, and myself to a degree, this was a welcome awakening for the future of our camps. THIS, is the Day Camp Pod! Tune in to hear about:
Nicknames..., Summer 2020 reckoning, Why do you think this happened?, Opportunities for Autonomy, mastery and connection!, Do you think that people (including parents) will remain content to keep it simple?, Changes we made that we will keep, Website revisions, Advice to our day camp colleagues, Unplug, outdoor, explore, play more

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