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Happy Giving Tuesday Tumbleweed Family!

While I would love to say that it was always my intention to write a post about giving thanks on Giving Tuesday instead of actually on Thanksgiving Day, I'm not quite that organized. But hey, it seems like procrastination paid off and I think I will make this a tradition moving forward. Today is not only a day to give back financially to organizations that you love, it is also a day to give thanks to your community with your words. And boy, do I have a lot to be thankful for. In a year that was defined by chaos, sadness, anxiety, and disappointment - a year that nearly broke me - I am forever grateful to this camp family. In the most trying year of our lives, one thing carried through - camp. Our gratitude for our campers, families, staff, and friends is immense. Thank you for making "Tumbleweed Forever" a reality. Between the whiplash of the spring, the fear of the early summer, the unknown of the day to day, and the persistence that was required throughout the fall, I'm surprised I know what day it is (Tuesday, right?).

I still remember sitting on the floor with my daughter in mid-may, trying to explain to her that we couldn't plan on camp this summer, that we would figure out a way to make it up to her. I know many parents went through this same conversation, but ours was a little different - because both Andy and I own camp, her whole world is defined by Tumbleweed, by camp conferences and open house, and her actual participation at camp. It was a conversation about losing camp, her parents losing their jobs, losing her community all wrapped together. Reflecting on it makes me tear up, it gives me that common symptom of tunnel vision - and then I remember, it's November and we are in week 18 of camp.


So as I sit here and reflect on a strange spring, terrible early summer, and somewhat normal fall, I have to consider myself very, very lucky.

On this Giving Tuesday, I am giving my thanks to Andy and my kids for their ability to adapt and find joy even during the hardest times. I am giving thanks to the natural space at Tumbleweed, without which camp could not have happened. I am giving thanks to all my staff, from our facilities director to our assistant counselors, who were up for every challenge thrown at them and who bravely stepped into the role of "hero" this year. And I give my thanks to you and your children, for joining us in the unknown. Because of your loyalty, support, and love, Tumbleweed has been able to weather the most challenging year of our lives.



And now some ways to give today:

Head over to our Instagram and take a look at other camps we are highlighting in our story feed. These are camps that we know and love, many of which your campers also attend, who have financial asks this year. We often say that camp friends are the best friends, and the same goes for OUR camp friends, folks who also own and run summer camps who have not been as fortunate as we have this past year. It won't be any fun having camp next summer if our friends can't run their programs. Please consider supporting those amazing communities.

Support Tumbleweed not with your wallet, but with your words. Over and over again, I had incredible conversations with parents, grandparents, nannies, and campers about the impact that Tumbleweed had on your life this past summer and fall. It would mean the world to me and Andy if you could send these reflections and testimonials to us to share with future camp families and staff. Whether you leave us a review on Yelp, Facebook, Google, or simply send us an email, every story and testimonial helps Tumbleweed endure for years and years.

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