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Resources for Our Camp Family

It is my responsibility to use this tiny platform to provide support for our camp family. It is also my responsibility to do absolutely everything in my power as a citizen of Los Angeles, as a mom, as a woman, as a business owner, as a youth development leader, and as a white person. I hope these resources find you safe. Thank you to our friends over at Brave Trails for compiling many of these resources.

For parents:

Jennifer Harvey's Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children In A Racially Unjust America. and her NPR interview from 5/31/20

For Staff and Directors:

Your Black Colleagues May Look Like They’re Okay — Chances Are They’re Not

For everyone:

These were just the readings that were on the top of my mind - PLEASE add to the list.

Read Timothy Snyder's On Tyranny

Read Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy also his Q+A from June 1

Join Brave Trail's Instagram Movement:

"Camp Brave Trails starting a #CampsForCamps movement to raise funds for Know Your Rights Camp, a camp dedicated to educating and bettering the lives of black and brown children. As camps, we have always been leaders in inclusion and creating safe spaces for kids. I know many of us are going through very hard times right now. If you can give or share, it would be a powerful message and gesture of support to our black campers, families, staff members, and colleagues."

Can you match our $100 donation to Know Your Rights Camp? Or donate any amount? If a donation is not possible, please share.

For Healing:

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