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You're Doing Great. I promise.

Hey Friends,

Whether you are a camper, camp parent, staff, or just a fun follower, I want you to know - you are doing great. You are here! You made it to Thursday. I know some of us are feeling quite anxious or tired or concerned - which makes sense, because it's been a loooooong week and an even longer year. But I'm here to tell you today, that if you are reading this, things are going to be ok. Virtual hugs to everyone.

If you are maybe not feeling as great as I'm projecting into the universe, take a look at the November calendar from the Greater Good Science Center. It has daily articles, practices, and activities to help you have a happier and calmer November.

If you find yourself feeling particularly stressed (and again, this is for everyone, ages 2 to 102) do a body scan:

Find a quiet place to sit or stand.
Feel the ground, connect your feet to the ground and steady yourself.
Breath, and continue breathing. Think about your breathing for a few moments, and let all other thoughts melt away.
Starting at the top of your head, all the way down your body, think "Is this a comfortable spot? Where am I holding tension? Where does it hurt? How can I be more comfortable?"
Unclench your jaw, let it hang a bit. Soften your brow and your cheeks.
Drop your tonge from the top of your mouth or from against your teeth. Let is just sit in your mouth.
Drop your shoulders and uncurl your fists.
And for a few moments, just be.

This body scan can take less then a minute and give you a ton of peace and calm. I hope that the rest of your week brings joy, happiness, and even a little quiet.

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