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What tumbleweed is all about

Our purpose at Tumbleweed is to build happier people through exceptional camp experiences.

We believe that Tumbleweed is the place to be your best self, and by building strong personal connections, we create a community of belonging in which everyone can be their best selves.


We believe in a culture of respect encompassing our campers, their families, our employees, and ourselves.


We believe in kindness: treating others how they want to be treated.


We believe in acting with responsibility for our community, for each other, and for our world.


We believe that everyone should continually grow through their connection with camp.


We value exploration, discovering your best you, and trying new things.


We value play, and we find ways to play through all that we do.


We value being outdoors and connecting with nature.


We believe that when we put all this together in an exceptional camp experience, we create happiness.

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