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Justice & Camp Resource Center

An antibias resource portal for camp staff and youth leaders.

what is j&c

Welcome to the Tumbleweed Justice & Camp Resource Center. We are excited to provide educational tools, trainings, and more to our Tumbleweed staff and alumni who have continued to work with children. Our hope is that we can provide foundational resources to grow together in our goal to increase access, belonging, and care to all who come to Tumbleweed.

What is the Camp & Justice Resource Center?

This is a space to explore how to best support children through an anti-racist lens.

This is a space to learn, unlearn, make mistakes and grow.

This is a space to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding.

Folks can feel safe sharing and being vulnerable together.

This is an ever-changing resource. Our discussions, offerings, and events will vary and we are excited to see where the work leads us.


What the Camp & Justice Resource Center is NOT?

This is not a space for debating, for "playing devil's advocate" or for arguments.

This is not a space for discussing personal issues related to another member of the group or of the Tumbleweed team.

This is not a space for judgment.

This space is not used for questioning facts like the existence and prevalence of systemic racism and bias, white supremacy, the existence of white privilege, or the need to uplift the voices of BIPOC.

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