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Check out Landshark's Article in Camping Magazine!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Most of you know Landshark one of the owners of Tumbleweed or Eloise and Henry's dad or my

husband, but what you might not know is that he is very involved in the larger summer camp

community. Andy is the Chair for the Local Council of Leaders in Sothern California, is a frequent presenter and educator at conferences, has written multiple articles for the industry, and is a Senior Certified Professional for the Society of Human Resource Management... just to name a few!

In preparation for the American Camp Association's National Conference in February, Landshark wrote a fantastic article on culture change and change management in the workplace.

Landshark writes "So, why is culture change so hard? Sometimes we simply don’t have the authority within our organization to make change happen in a frictionless way (more on that later). But even if you’re your camp’s CEO/owner/board president, change is difficult. That’s because the story you’re telling about this change to yourself or to others may not be the story your people are hearing or telling themselves — or it just isn’t a story that’s meaningful to them. Step one of change management is to listen empathetically and vulnerable."

We are so lucky to have Landshark as one of our own! If you are reading this and you are a camp or education professional, make sure to check him out at the ACA National Conference in February or check out our combo-session that same week on staff retention!

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