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We aren't talking about the triangle-shaped dinner... we're talking about Pizza! our new North Director.

From the legend himself:

Hailing from the far off land of Long Beach California, “PIZZA!” joins our team with a dazzling 15 years of experience providing summer camp programs for the Long Beach Area’s Boy Scouts of America. Though he has handed the reins to the next generation of Scouting he continues to serve on various committees in support of his successors. In 2018 he earned his B.A. in Communications Studies from CSU Long Beach bringing with him an academic perspective on the fundamentals of leadership, group dynamics, and building an enthusiastic camp culture. When not perched mightily upon his throne at Tumbleweed North he can be found directing our Outdoor Education and Expanded Learning programs throughout the year. With over a decade as a ropes course facilitator, nature guide, and involvement in the local Pow Wow scene he brings a fresh perspective and knowledge to our long successful Outdoor Ed. programs. This world class storyteller, Eagle Scout, silly hat enthusiast, and devilishly rugged outdoorsman is certain to find an equal place among the legends of Tumbleweed's history.

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