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4 water games to help stay cool this week

It's getting hot outside, which makes me feel campier than usual! Even though you can't go to a water park right now or play at camp this week, these 4 games will help you get into the summery mood by splashing around a bit - and you don't even need a pool!

Sponge Race

You can play this with 2 people or 10 people (if you have a big family!). Get two large sponges and three buckets. Fill up one bucket with water and put the two sponges in there. By using tape or a marker, make a line on the other two buckets to indicate how much water needs to go in that bucket. Place the bucket with water on one end of the yard or area and the other bucket across from it (far enough that one has to run from one bucket to the other). If you are playing with two teams, put the other bucket with tape next to it as well. When the race starts, the player must soak their sponge up with as much water as possible, run with the sponge to the other bucket, squeeze the water in the bucket and run back to get more water. The play who fills up their bucket with water to the line first wins and can decide if they want to dump the water on the other play or themselves.

Sponge Darts

Buy using chalk, draw a bullseye on the sidewalk or driveway. Get a sponge and soak it in water. Stand far enough away from the bullseye that you can throw the sponge at it, but with some difficulty. If playing with more that one player, see who can get the closest to the bullseye, or see who can splash away most of the chalk target as possible.

Dixie Cup Race

You will need at least two people for this race. You need a dixie cup, a bucket of water and an empty soda bottle or some other bottle with a small top. One play will stand by the bucket of water with the cup and the other will sit across the lawn or driveway with the soda bottle, holding the soda bottle on top of their head. The goal is for the play with the cup to scoop up as much water as possible, run or speedwalk across to the other player, dump the water in the bottle, and go back for more water, trying to fill up the soda bottle. The team to fill up the soda bottle first, or in the shortest about of time wins! Warning! The player with the soda bottle on their head will definitely get wet :)

Polar Plunge

You can do this with a small bucket that your hand can fit in or as large of a container as a kiddie pool! Get a container, fill it with water and ice. The goal is to see who can survive the fridged water for the longest amount of time. If it is just a small container, see who can hold their hand in the water or step in the water for the longest. If it's a kiddie pool - good luck! See who can SIT or LAY in the icy water longer. Challenge your friends and family to do the same and see who is the stronger polar bear.


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