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Summer-Inspired Activities

For this first week of May, I'm feeling quite summery. Enjoy some of my favorite summer-inspired crafts and activities.

Tie-Dye 3 ways

Sharpie Tie-Dye: I would imagine that more people don't have a ton of tie-dye lying around, but you MIGHT have some sharpies and rubbing alcohol. Here is a good alternative to traditional tie-dye.

Classic Tie-Dye: There are tons of different ways to make tie-dye patterns. I liked some of these examples that I had never seen before. Also, I'm pretty partial to using either Tulip kits or just Rit, which you can find at CVS, Target, and online.

All-Natural Tie-Dye: So you don't have sharpies or tie-dye. That's Ok! Check out these ways to make dye colors the old fashion way.

Track and Field Olympic Events!

While the Olympics have been pushed back from this summer, the competitions can still go on in your home! You can do this competition by yourself or just with your family OR you can challenge friends and family on social media or even through snail mail. Use the blank record sheet to track your times and distances, then either post or send a copy of your records plus another blank one to whoever you are challenging. Good Luck!

Obviously, we don't all have professional track and field gear or facilities. Get creative! For discus throw, use a frisbee, or even a paper plate. For javelin, use a good size stick. There is not an event called cartwheels in the Olympics, so you'll have to make this one up yourself. Pick and start and an endpoint. The competitor must get from the start to the end as fast as they can while only doing cartwheels. Don't have anything to hurdle over? No problem - draw a hurdle or space on the ground with chalk and jump over that.

Camp Scavenger Hunt!

How many of these items can you find? Parents- Make this a family event by sending the list to a grandparent, cousin, or extended family member and have them host the scavenger hunt. Challenge your camp friends to see if they can find these items too! Get creative - the items can match the clues how you see fit.


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